30 Days FPGA internship Level up your skills through

Real-time Projects in Engineering.

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Meet your Speaker

(Experienced Professional)

V. Venkat Kamal

MSc. Micro Electronics, Liverpool, UK.

10x Industrial Expert in Embedded Systems and

VLSI Chip Design Engineering

  • 30 Day Live training sessions

  • 6th November (Monday)

  • 8:30 - 9:45 P.M IST

  • 200+ Students Trained and Mentor

  • Bonus at the end of Training


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We are going to talk about Industrial Job Profiles, Skills, Projects & EDA Tools.

Who is this Program for ?

  • Individuals interested in Electronics and Software Engineering career. All other careers will also be discussed in this on demand webinar.

  • People who are willing to know what skills industries or companies are looking in the students.

  • Willing to become a achiever by taking actions in learning the required skills for the industry or for own projects.

Why you should Attend this webinar ?

Essential Skills for the Industry

Explore the skills demanded by the industry in Hardware design and Embedded systems Engineering fields that enables career growth and employability

Path to Career Advancement

Learn strategies to develop and enhance your career prospects in the

real-time application of Electronics Engineeing domain. We will talk to each person, we answer each query and clear all your ambiguity about what's next in your career.

Real-World Applications & Innovation in hardware and software.

Discover cutting-edge technologies like Linux, Semiconductor designs, Industrial Electronic Embedded Systems that which are first steps to the great career opportunities. All other opportunities in vibrant engineering careers will be discussed in detail.

Time is Running out. Limited Seats. Grab your seat fast!!!

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What you will Learn in this webinar ?

  • Application of new technologies and advanced Electronic devices for Industry ready Projects

  • What skills are essential to crack any interviews in the upcoming job requirements and hiring.

  • How to develop the required Communication skills for any kind of Jobs

  • Future Developments and Innovations.

  • Career Opportunities in Embedded Electronics and in Non tech Jobs aswell.

  • Embedded Systems Introduction & Career paths in Embedded systems.

  • Very Large Scale Integrated Systems Introduction in terms of career paths.

Meet your Speaker

Venkat Kamal

Managing Director

MSc. Micro Electronics, Liverpool, UK.

10x Industrial Expert in Embedded Systems and

VLSI Chip Design Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Webinar happen ?

Webinar Commences on 3rd September

What are the webinar timings ?

7.00 P.M - 8.30 P.M IST

Can i get the recorded session of the webinars

Sorry since it is a demanded webinar , No Recordings or Replays will be provided.

Is the Registration is completely free ?

Yes, Registrations are completely free and seats are limited. So Hurry Up before its too late